A lot of drivers are extremely concerned about the gas mileage that their car is having given that the cost of gasoline increases between expensive and sky-high price. It is pretty simple to calculate the average gas mileage of your vehicle. Just follow Oklahoma Driving School’s easy steps. Here are the following: 

Know the capacity of your vehicle’s gas tank 

You can look for this info in the owner manual of your vehicle. Usually, the gas tank capacity of a vehicle ranges from 10 gal. for small compact cars to 40 gal. for SUVs or large trucks. 


Fill the gas tank 

You have to fill the gas tank of your vehicle to full capacity. The majority of gas pumps have a method that would stop the gasoline’s flow once the tank is full. Upon turning on your car, guarantee that the gas tank meter is showing that your gas tank is totally full. 


See how much money you have to pay for your vehicle’s gas 

Observe the reading of the number of gallons you bought as you look at the gas pump. There must be an accurate reading of it. This number must be somewhat similar to the total has tank capacity stated in the owner’s manual. Remember this amount. When the gas pump you used to fill up doesn’t possess this mechanism, you could divide your gasoline purchase’s total amount by the price per gallon. 


Your trip odometer should be set 

Generally, this can be found on your dashboard and is set by pressing a button situated near the RPM gauge or speedometer. Ensure that you do this step the moment you fill your tank with gas and before you start to drive. 


Drive your car until the gas light will turn on, which indicates that you have to refill your gas tank, At this time, jot down the reading of the odometer for the trip you set once your tank is filled. 



Divide the number of miles you drove on this gas tank by the number of gallons of gas, which you bought upon filling your car’s gas tank. The answer to this problem would be the average miles per single gallon of gas that your car consumes.  

A lot of drivers utilize specific driving approach to enhance the gas mileage of the vehicle like lower speeds and slower acceleration. Determining the average miles per gallon of your vehicle would enable you to budget on the expenses of your gas more precisely.  

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